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About Us

Rental Property Calculator was created to provide investors with useful tools and information that will guide them through investing in a property so that they can easily see whether or not a particular property is a good deal or a dangerous gamble.

The calculator takes the potential investor's inputs and predicts the cash flow, ROI, IRR, DSCR, and other important figures. If you're not familiar with what those terms stand for, don't worry! We're also building a comprehensive real estate dictionary with critical terms you should learn if you're serious about your rental property.

Rental Property Calculator's Features

Here are just some of the calculator's features:

  • Predict your yearly cash flow
  • Predict your internal rate of return (IRR), for each year
  • Predict your total return on investment (ROI), for each year
  • Predict net operating income (NOI), for each year
  • Predict your debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), for each year
  • Predict your capitalization rate in year one.
  • Predict your cash to receive at closing if you sell

Plus more... you'll need to check it out to see the other features. We're always tweaking it and adding more. Our calculator accounts for every major expense and even splits your mortgage payments up so that principal and depreciation are treated differently based on the amortization schedule.

About Our Articles

We offer more than just the calculator, of course. We include detailed explanations of the key terms used in the calculator. Plus, we are currently working on a series of long-form, text tutorials explaining exactly how to find a potential rental property, run the numbers, finance it, and rent it out for top dollar.

Learning how to apply for a commercial mortgage is important. It's just one of the key articles we've developed and released. We've also explained, similarly, what your debt-to-income ratio is, and how it can impact your chances of successfully having your mortgage application approved.

If you want to learn more, just watch the website closely for new updates.

About the Authors

This website is run by real estate investors for real estate investors.

Tiffany Homan manages She's a real estate investor and legal researcher and has taken under management 10+ cash-flowing rental properties in the last 12 months alone. She's currently available for any interviews.

Shaun Connell is a real estate investor who lives in Texas. He has invested in single-family homes, multi-family properties, and even luxury ocean-front short-term rentals.

Sophia Merton is a real estate investor and researcher. She spends countless hours researching real estate investment strategies for her contributions to this website.